Nicholson Real Estate


Prior to initial occupancy or during our periodical inspections, we may advise that certain maintenance is required. You can nominate a limit of expenditure for use to work within.

Our policy, should repairs be necessary, is to report directly to the landlord. If the landlord is unable to be contacted, or if urgent repairs are required, due to the tenants health or safety being affected, we will proceed with repairs at our own discression.

We have a network of trusted tradespeople who look after all properties managed by us.

We moniter repairs very closely and act on all repairs, according to the Landlords instructions in the Owner Instruction Sheet. However, should a repair of an urgent nature (as specified in the Residential Tenancy Agreement) be reported, we need to attend to this as soon as possible as these items are considered essential services.

We maintain a complete record of all maintenance on each property for future reference. By keeping a maintenance report we are able to save you money by eliminating payment for repairs which may be covered under a waranty period.

Repairs carried out at any property are paid for from rent monies held in our Trust account on the Landlords behalf. Details of these repairs are printed out on the Monthly Statement of Account and copies of the relevant invoices are attached for reference.

To achieve the maximum return for your investment, each property must be maintained in the best possible manner.

All outgoings including repairs and maintenance are allowable against tax.